WELCOME! My name is Michelle. 

I am a Multimedia Artist who enjoys creating beautiful things.

Self-starter with over 10 years experience creating competitive, yet lovely book cover packaging for some of the top publishing houses in New York City. This is where I got my hands into Fashion and Set Styling, coordinating Photoshoots, Illustration, Hand Lettering, Art Buying and Art Direction. I’ve worked with many artists from Traditional Illustrators and CGI studios, to Gaming and Film Concept artists—As well as a number of influential Photographers like Emily Soto, Howard Huang, and Michael Frost. In my spare time I’ve worked on logos, created book covers for people over 21, delivered email marketing designs for online fashion brands, attended continuing education courses in Motion Graphics at SVA (because I love series opening credits), and continue to illustrate and design my own Tarot and Oracle Decks, where I also implement sustainability into my product packaging. Drop me a line if you would like to say hello.